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All of the Ultrasound technicians advertising on this website have had a minimum of 12 months experience, and have reached a satisfactory level of experience to carry out ultrasound scans in dogs, and other small animals.

Not only are they experienced scanners, they are often experienced breeders too, and some will be able to offer you advice about your dogs pregnancy.

Beware of using anyone newly qualified offering a range of fertility services including progesterone testing and drawing blood (this MUST be done by a vet), artificial insemination, semen analysis (some have their own team of stud dogs), together with an ultrasound and microchipping.

Welfare and ethical concerns have been raised over a sharp rise in the number of canine fertility clinics operating in the UK according to the Veterinary Journal.

A study also revealed that many of these clinics  advertise veterinary services such as bloods for progesterone testing, and some of the larger clinics even offering caesarean sections, despite not appearing to be run by vets or having a vet on site.   Some also offer illegal medicines (PG600), which is licensed for the use in pigs.

Concerns about non-vets undertaking acts of veterinary surgery should be reported to trading standards and the police