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WISESCAN Animal Pregnancy Scanning
clinics in Creigiau (North Cardiff) serving South Wales,  Caldicot ( Chepstow) serving Monmouthshire, Gwent and the South West, and South Herefordshire.

Contact details:


Tel: 07816 116392 / 01443 676467


Services Offered -

I have been scanning dogs since 1984 ( I think I was the first to take it from research on to a commercial basis)

I was trained as an animal scanner at the research institute of the Royal Veterinary College in Penicuik Scotland. The research was aimed at preventing a condition of sheep pregnancy called twin lamb disease. This could be prevented by a change in nutrition in those ewes carrying multiple lambs. Hence the need to know how many lambs a ewe was carrying.

At that time we became proficient enough to scan upwards of 250 sheep per hour (now closer to 400 per hour) Our level of competency rapidly grew.

I would only do a mobile scan in the most extreme situation as I believe it is necessary to have a quiet, calm environment for both bitch and owner particularly in terms of being able to discuss bitch condition and diet etc.